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Our Curriculum

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Curriculum Statement 

Our curriculum here at Stowlawn Primary is designed to provide children with engaging and empowering experiences that go beyond the academic; shaping our children into resilient, ambitious and creative young people with skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to flourish in their lives beyond school.

Our curriculum is built around our children and it caters for the particular needs of our diverse school community, promoting inclusivity and togetherness – something we are passionate about. 

Providing our children with a broad range of knowledge and skills is central to our curriculum and the teaching of the core subjects, including reading, writing and maths, and subjects in the wider curriculum are given equal importance: ensuring our children develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

For us as a school, reading underpins everything – it is the essential building block for much of what is learnt.  Being a confident reader enables our children to enjoy and access learning across the curriculum and it unlocks so much of what the children need at all stages of their lives. This is a value we hold dear and promote through developing a love of reading at all levels in school.

Alongside the teaching of curriculum subjects, we also place significant importance on providing a rich and diverse set of opportunities for all our children, with their personal development being integral to all we do.  Through a range of enrichment opportunities, including school visits, outdoor learning, forest school, inviting visitors into school, extra-curricular clubs, assemblies, links with local and national organisations and working with our wider community, we offer opportunities for children to develop life skills through a range of experiences.  The emphasis we place on these experiences being valuable and purposeful for all children feeds directly into each child’s personal development, which will enable them to grow as active, healthy and engaged citizens.


Our whole school mantra of Ready, Respectful, Safe is a cornerstone of Stowlawn Primary and our 6 key values – our Stowlawn Six – of kind, ambitious, honest, independent, creative and resilient drive learning and children’s character development in every classroom. 

Curriculum Overviews

Please click below to see the curriculum overview for each year group, which will share what topics and learning the children will have. Subject specific curriculum maps are in the subject tabs below. 

Subjects in Our Curriculum 

Our PSHE curriculum page can be found here.

Below you can see the model of our Stowlawn Curriculum and how skills and knowledge is planned for and taught. 

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The Curriculum at Stowlawn Primary School can be found here.

You can read more about the national curriculum for primary schools in England on the Government's web site.


If you would still like to know more about how we teach the curriculum please contact us.

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