Design Technology

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At Stowlawn Primary School our Design & Technology (D&T) curriculum is designed to hook, engage, inspire and challenge every child’s inquisitive nature, creativity, critical thinking and artistic flair in line with the age related expectations outlined in the National Curriculum guidelines 2014.

Design and Technology offers children a chance to use creative thinking and utilise key skills to tackle real problems, explore functionality as well as design and create outcomes that will prepare pupils for their future lives.

D&T can be found in many of the objects children use each and every day. Our pupils are therefore given many opportunities to investigate the principles of Design and Technology in a range of existing products. This will equip the with the skill and knowledge to explore their own ideas and develop their own products effectively.

It is important that children learn about important designers from around the world and find out how their products have impacted the world we live in. At Stowlawn Primary School, all children will have the chance to learn about designers from a range of different fields, both past and present.

Children will undertake one ‘hands on’ project per term, each with a specific focus. This is to ensure that pupils develop a broad understanding of all aspects of Design & Technology from food to fashion, mechanics to structures.

Over their school life, children will explore all of the key skills required to make products. They will work independently and cooperatively to undertake focused tasks that enhance their knowledge and understanding. There will be many opportunities to research, design and evaluate as well as apply their learning from other areas of the curriculum. 

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Design Technology Learning Progression
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