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Religious Education (R.E.)

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At Stowlawn Primary, our Religious Education (RE) curriculum is designed to educate children on the five largest religions in Wolverhampton, allow them to form and develop their own ideas about faith and discuss big life questions. From Reception to Year 6, all children will be taught about Christianity, Hindu Dharma, Sikhi, Islam and Judaism. They will also be given regular opportunities to explore their own faiths and beliefs and share these with others. At Stowlawn we provide multiple opportunities for children to visit places of worship, speak to religious people in the local community and explore religious artefacts. Children will take part in exciting and engaging RE lessons that will secure and build upon their knowledge of taught religions and allow them to have discussions, developing their speaking and listening skills. The aim of our RE curriculum is for children to be self-aware, show respect for all, be open minded and have appreciation for the world around them. 

RE Learning Progression
RE Curriculum Map
RE Vocabulary Progression
RE Knowledge Organisers
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