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At Stowlawn we are passionate about children being able to access a range of physical activity opportunities. The progression through our curriculum ensures that children can build on prior knowledge and refine skills as well as learning new ones. Our PE curriculum ensures that our core values at Stowlawn are embedded into lessons.  

Resilience - during team games children learn to recover from difficulties and find new ways to overcome problems 

Ambition - children are encouraged to strive towards gaining personal bests during different sporting activities 

Creativity - a range of opportunities are offered for children to express their own ideas through movement 

Honesty - opportunities to umpire and referee games ensuring that they are played fairly 

Kindness - working together as a team and supporting peers to perform their best during sporting activity 

Independence - working towards an individual goal  


Throughout their time at Stowlawn children will take part in a range of games, athletics, gymnastics, and dance lessons developing fundamental skills in each area. A range of research proves that there is a clear link between physical and mental health. At Stowlawn we want our children to be physically confident and aim to support their health, fitness, and mental health.  


Children are taught to further their own learning during lessons using our STEP’s method.  

Space- Wide and clear spaces, adaptable distances, zoned areas, floor based activities 

Task- Changing goals to suit each individual, varying the speed of the activity, changes in rules to increase inclusion, different forms of involvement, different roles within the activity  

Equipment- Different sizes, different weight, noise, range of colours, texture 

People- Independence, group activities, individual space, mixed ability, buddy system, staff support 


At Stowlawn we also offer extra-curricular sporting activities, providing a sports club on a Monday with externally sourced coaches. Alongside this, we are also building a school football and netball team in which pupils take part in training sessions after school and will compete with other local schools. We believe it is important to celebrate the children’s sporting successes both in and outside to school. Children are encouraged to share their achievements and experiences with their peers and staff 

P.E. Vocabulary Progression 
P.E. Curriculum Map
P.E. Learning Progression