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At Stowlawn Primary School our Computing and E-safety curriculum is designed to enable children to become effective and responsible users of technology to enable them to explore, share and use information technology in school, at home and in their future careers.  Our Computing curriculum is designed to hook, engage, inspire and challenge every child’s learning and use of technology. 

The Computing curriculum advocates developing ICT capability, which is much more than acquiring basic skills and techniques. Pupils will develop a thorough understanding of programming in different contexts. They will be given the opportunity to identify, understand and apply appropriate computing knowledge and skills in a variety of applications, projects and cross curricular learning opportunities.   

The school has regular expert visitors to the school who support and enhance the opportunities for children to explore all aspects of computing curriculum including digital wellbeing. This ensures that our pupils will explore and use a range of technologies appropriately and develop a broad understanding that can be transferred to other areas of learning and life. For example, during their time at school, children will have regular coding workshops, make films, animation and podcasts, learn to make digital presentations and music.  

Technology is everywhere and already plays a pivotal part in students' lives. This reliance will only increase, therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. Questionnaires with our pupils about their online activities enable the school to understand how our pupils use technology at home and help us to develop curriculum opportunities to broaden their usage and use technology more responsibly. The scheme of work for computing and E safety are regularly monitored and updated to address any needs that the questionnaire demonstrates. 

We want our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding of technology. We hope that children will develop the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil tasks set by teachers as well as the challenges they set for themselves. 

Computing Learning Progression
Computing Vocabulary Progression
Computing Curriculum Map
Computing Knowledge Organisers

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