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Our EYFS stage includes Nursery and Reception classes. We are passionate about providing our youngest children with an inspirational start to their learning as well as supporting parents with their introduction to their child’s life at school. At Stowlawn we aim to provide the best start to education for our youngest learners by providing a stimulating and nurturing environment. We believe that children learn best through play, therefore children are offered a range of new and exciting learning opportunities to create their own journeys of learning.


Our curriculum is built to ensure that children can develop their independence, resilience, ambitious attitude, and creativity; all of which are key attributes of our Stowlawn 6. All child-initiated play is closely observed and supported by adults, which allows children to steer their own learning in the moment.

Through this play-based approach, we aim to develop and embed the characteristics of effective learning: playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. Taking a cross curricular approach allows us to ensure all 7 areas of learning and development are covered daily to lay the foundations for the children's future learning.

Early Reading

At Stowlawn Primary, the children’s reading journey begins as soon as they begin school!


In Nursery, children listen to lots of stories and sing lots of rhymes.

Children also:

  • Learn to discriminate between both environmental and instrumental sounds

  • Explore body percussion

  • Investigate rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration

  • Begin to explore oral blending and segmenting.


In Reception, children begin their phonics journey. We closely follow Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics, which is a validated and nationally approved phonics scheme with a mission statement that states...


“Get reading. Keep reading. Change everything.”

Children will begin the year taking part in 15-minute daily RWI sessions, learning initial sounds and focusing on blending. When the children are ready, they will move into the full RWI programme where they take part in a 35-minute phonics sessions, learning new sounds and reading decodable and accessible texts based on their level of understanding. The children’s progress is monitored and assessed regularly to ensure that children are reading appropriate texts and acquiring phonetic knowledge that will scaffold their ability to read for the rest of their lives.

Learning ideas to try at home!

Learning ideas to try at home!

Stowlawn Primary School Logo 2019.png

Nursery Rhymes

Stowlawn Primary School Logo 2019.png

Parent Guidance

See some of our learning in Reception!