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Art and Design

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Art is a key area of our curriculum and plays an important role in providing a creative outlet where children can express themselves and thinking freely. Our Stowlawn Six values of resilience, honesty, ambitiousness, independence, kindness and creativity also underpin the design of our Art curriculum. Our curriculum aims to provide children with the knowledge, skills and techniques to grow into independent, resilient, ambitious and inspirational artists of the future.  

Our intent is to provide children with the opportunity to explore, experiment and be inspired by a range of different art forms, artists, designers and craftspeople. Children are encouraged to learn about famous artists from a range of diverse backgrounds, to look at, evaluate and critique their work and use acquired skills and knowledge to develop their own creations. As well as art sketchbooks, used within lessons, the children have their own personal sketchbook to record and refine their ideas, develop their skills and practice taught techniques.  

Art at Stowlawn Primary is practical and ‘hands on’ and encourages involvement from all children regardless of any special educational need. We invite children to be proud of their own work, showcasing it in their classrooms, to their peers and teachers, as well as making comments about the work of others around them; developing the children’s oracy within the art curriculum.  

The skills and knowledge that children develop throughout each art strand, has been carefully mapped out across the year to ensure coverage and a depth of experience. The suggested artists are revisited in differing year groups to ensure that key knowledge is embedded and that a true understanding is gained. The act of revisiting gives children the opportunity to recap and build on their previous learning, gaining an overall deeper understanding of the art form and artist in a more holistic sense. Our curriculum enables links to other curriculum areas, including humanities, where children develop considerable knowledge of individual artists, as well as individual works and art movements. 

Put simply, at Stowlawn Primary, we want our children to enjoy art! We place no limit or barrier to what the children can achieve and aim for them to leave us with the aspiration of becoming confident and inspired artists of the future.  

Art Learning Progression
Art Curriculum Map
Art Knowledge Organisers
  New for Art Curriculum 2023 - 2024  
Art Learning Progression 
Autumn and Spring
Art Curriculum Map
Drawing Whole School Document (Autumn 1)
Sculpture Whole School Document (Autumn 2)
Painting Whole School Document (Spring 1)
Textiles Whole School Document (Spring 2)
Printing Whole School Document (Summer 1)
Collage Whole School Document (Summer 2)

Helpful Links for Parents and Children 

Children can access Purple Mash from home. There are loads of games and activities for them to use!
An excellent site full of games, quizzes and real-life art examples!
A link to the Wolverhampton Arts and Culture website packed full of artist's work and exciting opportunities for young artists!
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