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At Stowlawn, we are passionate about offering our children a rich and broad music curriculum with a wide range of opportunities. The progression through our curriculum ensures that children are able to build on their prior knowledge, refine skills and learn new ones, to become talented musicians. Our Music curriculum ensures that our core values at Stowlawn are incorporated and embedded into lessons. Children will take part in weekly music lessons in class, exploring key music skills and developing their musical vocabulary. Research shows that music can improve a child’s wellbeing and stimulates the body’s natural feel good chemicals. It can help energise our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings, something we take seriously at Stowlawn. It is hoped that children will develop as love for music in many ways, either as a listener, creator or performer. They will be able to dissect music and comprehend its parts. They will develop an understanding on how to develop skills less known to them, should they ever develop a deeper interest in their lives.

Throughout their time at Stowlawn children will have the opportunity to learn 2 key instruments:

  • EYFS and Year 2 – Children will explore percussion and develop their musical skills when playing the glockenspiels.

  • Year 3 and Year 4 – Children will learn to play the recorder and become competent musicians with this instrument.

  • Year 5 and Year 6 – Children will have the opportunity to go back to both the recorder and glockenspiel to further embed the skill.

In Year 4, our children will also have the opportunity to further embed their musical knowledge as we offer extra music lessons where children will learn the skills required to play djembe (South African drums). Our hope in providing such a broad range of instruments is that our children find a musical skill that they love and want to continue to explore.

At Stowlawn, we also offer extra-curricular music activities, providing violin club for KS1 and Guitar Club for KS2. Alongside this, we run a performance club. This is a club in which we identify children's strengths and successes in music and they are invited to participate in a weekly club and are taken to local events to perform including; Sing 4 Christmas, Singing in the Rain, as well as putting on their own performances. We believe it is important to celebrate children's musical successes both in and outside school and we encourage children to share these with their peers and staff.

We have worked hard to incorporate the wider arts into our music curriculum and believe that music is more than just singing. By incorporating singing, dancing and acting we are allowing children to express themselves freely.

Music Learning Progression
Music Curriculum Map
Music Vocabulary Progression
Music Knowledge Organisers

Helpful Links for Parents and Children at home

Great for making your own music!
Composition through beatboxing!

Performance Club! 

At Stowlawn we have created a Performance Club which is comprised of children who are passionate and enthusiatic about the performing arts. The children enter and take part in a series of different productions and performances in and out of school. Some of the performances link with Wolverhampton Music Services, including Sing for Christmas and Singing in the Rain. 
Our Performance Club is underpinned by our core values of creativity, kindness, independence, ambitiousness and resilience as children engage new in experiences that we hope will stay with them forever! 

Click the stars below to see a range of experiences our amazing Performance Club take part in!
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Young Voices!

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